My Lovely Family

>> Thursday, March 10, 2011

I was the most youngest child among three brothers and one sister. My parents and my sister live in Paris, France. And I and my brothers live in Jogjakarta. 

Occasionally I and my brothers went to visit my parents and sisters, just the opposite. Our life was always peaceful and happy. My parents had a successful business everywhere that have branches in foreign countries are also up.

All of my brothers  was in college, so did I and my sister. We all have promised to finish college to master's level. If I had just started college this year.

Our family is a picture of the expected family each person. We are all always happy, never get sadness in our family. The problems that arise are always to be well.

Finally, our family received an award from the provincial government as a happy and prosperous family, was also an inspiration and example for other families.
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You are all I need

>> Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I always liked this song.

This song is the anthem for me and my ex-girlfriend who had become my wife now.

Both of us had time to make a recording of this song.

Hopefully we always remember the good times in the past and we will always keep in our hearts forever.

 "You're all I need"  (by White Lion)

I know that she's waitin'
for me to say forever
I know that I sometimes
just don't know how to tell her
I want to hold and kiss her
give her my love, make her believe
she doesn't know
she doesn't know

you're all I need beside me girl
you're all I need to turn my world
you're all I want inside my heart
you're all I need when we're apart
you're all that I need - yeah

I know that she's always
there when I need her loving
I know that I never
told her how much I love her
I see her face before me
I look in her eyes
just wondering why
she doesn't know
she doesn't know
she doesn't know

say, say that you'll be there
whenever I reach out to feel your hand in mine
stay, stay within my heart
whenever I'm alone, I know that you are there

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Forbidden Love

>> Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday morning eight years ago, we went to the Flower Garden Cipanas. I and my friends were very busy with accommodation and food…. Yes, I responsible for the logistic of family gathering there.

All it was happened great and successful. But it was only half day because my mood changed 180 degree.

When I turned my head to the other direction for looking around, suddenly I realized something  that I have feeling with some one else.

My heart was hurt when I saw him with his wife walking around in the garden and hold the hand each other.

Why do I have this feeling?

Why did I meet him when he already got married? 

Oh God….. please help me...

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My Love in the past

>> Sunday, February 13, 2011

I was accidentally met him again on Facebook. After so long I do not hear about him. It was nine years have passed since last we met. He is always looking for me. He almost gave up but keep trying with every effort.

He always listened the song from Didi Kempot “Sewu Kutho” at any time. He cried when considering me only in his hearts and minds.

Apparently he was still alone. He asked me to come back with him. He want to knit back the threads of romance that has been broken. He can not live without me.

He wanted me. He could only look at my picture because we were separated a distance of two continents. He was "tresno marang sliraku" (this means in love with me).

He asked me to marry him. He does not care if I already married with someone else. Please forgive me my love in the past. I can‘t be with you anymore. I would not have separated with my husband.

I was loved you but it's first before I bound on holy promise with someone else. Now I have become one with my beloved husband and only death can separate us.

I keep our loveliest memories in my heart. I will not forget you. I will always love you.

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>> Thursday, February 10, 2011

I remember this song. When I listened on the radio. This song reminds me of my husband. He always forgets me. When is he going to remember me in his life? I miss you my dear. One day God will realize him that I will always be here for him. Only tonight.

Lately I'm so tired
If I took it all out on you
I never mean to
If I left you outside
If you ever felt I ignored you
Know my life is all you

So put your best dress on
And wrap yourself in the arms of someone
Who wants to give you all the love you want

Tonight, I'm gonna make it up to you
Tonight, I'm gonna make love to you
Tonight, you're gonna know how much I missed you, baby
Tonight, I dedicate my heart to you
Tonight, I'm gonna be a part of you
Tonight, you're gonna know how much I miss you
And I miss you so

I don't wanna act like
I know that you'll be mine forever
Though I hope it's forever
Don't want you to feel like
I take you for granted
Whenever we are together

(source “Tonight” by westlife)
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